About My Practice

David J. Murphy standing in front of his home

David J. Murphy, Ph.D.

Psychologist — CA License #15671

I am a clinical psychologist and former teacher with an interest in behavioral medicine. I am currently on the medical staff at Palm Drive Hospital in Sebastopol, Ca. I have honors credits as a graduate student in psychophysiology and psychopharmacology, and I did my doctoral dissertation on the use of hypnosis and other mental techniques in the preparation of patients for surgery.

I have lead chronic pain support groups, pre-surgery prep groups, and a group for heart patients with implanted defibrillators. I also have significant experience doing brief therapy with individuals and families. I grew up in Boston and, in addition to being an experienced diagnostician and therapist, people say that I am very down to earth and that they can always depend on me to tell them what I think.

I am able to meet with clients remotely if that better suits their needs, click here to learn more about the software I use.